Event Info

There's a couple of things we want to make you crystal clear on so have a read of the following before you make your way down to #boardmasters2015....

No glass bottles!
This includes everything from wine bottles to perfume bottles to roll-on deodorants. As part of our pledge to make this the Greenest Boardmasters ever we have banned glass items. Every year we see lots of glass left around and we all know that it is bad for the environment. The festival site is located on a working farm and animals will be returning to the fields after the festival has finished so please please refrain from bringing glass onto the site. If you try to bring in glass bottles please be aware that it’s more than likely you’ll get them confiscated.

Day and VIP Day ticket holders are not permitted to leave Watergate Bay and re-enter
Once you’re in, you’re in! Best thing to do to make sure you catch all the action is to head to Fistral Beach for the morning/early afternoon and then head up to Watergate Bay for the evening. Please note, you cannot bring alcohol onto the site.

Weekend ticket holders can’t leave Watergate Bay and return with more booze
The alcohol limits specified are your limits for the whole weekend – don’t try and pull a fast one by thinking you can bring in one lot and try and bring another lot in the next day. Read on below to find out all the alcohol restrictions

Drop off zones
These will be clearly signposted when you arrive on-site so no need to panic beforehand!

Free ride