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We're helping to protect the Cornish Coastline and making steps towards creating a greener, cleaner festival! Without the beautiful Cornish Coastline and awesome Atlantic Ocean, where would Boardmasters be? Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach combine to make a pretty awesome festival site – so it’s in our best interest to look after it. But to do this we need YOUR help. Each year, almost 150,000 people come to Newquay during the week of Boardmasters for an amazing celebration of surf and music. That’s a lot of people and a big impact – hence our need to make some changes, which we hope will make a difference.

To keep our Cornish haven as stunning as ever we've worked closely with Surfers Against Sewage to introduce a number of ways we can all reduce our environmental impact. As the festival continues to grow, our environmental impact will grow too – but that doesn’t mean it needs to have a negative one. We have produced a Sustainability Policy as a commitment to our vision of a sustainable Boardmasters. Read on to find out what we're doing to make this the 'Greenest Boardmasters Yet' and what you can do to get involved.


Pick Up for Pete

What makes Boardmasters so special is its cliff-edge location at Trebelsue Farm.  Farm-owner Pete lets us use his land and in return we have dedicated ourselves to keeping his land clean and ‘picking up’ for Pete.  To keep the site clean there will be bins for compost, recycling and general waste, so if you have any waste please make sure it goes in the correct bin.  We will also have butt bins around site, please use these to dispose of your cigarette butts as these are poisonous to Pete’s sheep and cows.

If you’re camping at Boardmasters and you want do your part, grab a bag for recycling and one for general waste from one of our Green Team volunteers. Once these bags are full, bring them to the Shore Dump in your campsite and put them in the recycling or general bin. 

Recycle/ Reuse

This year we are aiming to send just 70% of overall waste to energy-from-waste or landfill, and the other 30% to be reused as recycling and compost.  We’re pulling out all the stops to help us with this, for instance you’ll find that all of our food traders will supply only compostable cups, plates, cutlery etc.

We can’t meet our goals without your help, so please only pack essentials, any extra stuff will just weigh you down and could end up as rubbish on Pete’s farm.

Single-use plastic water bottles aren’t just a waste, they may also be harmful to your health. We will have plenty of water points around the campsite and arena, so please bring a refillable bottle.

Your tent will miss you if you leave it behind, in fact it will wait for you for hundreds of years in a landfill. Look after your tent then take it home with you, ready to make more memories at furture Boardmasters.


Getting to Boardmasters  We want to reduce both the carbon emissions caused by festival transport, and traffic congestion in the local area, so we would appreciate it if you could share transport or take public transport where possible. We have partnered with Liftshare, GoCarShare and Big Green Coach to help you make the most of your journey to Newquay.

The ‘Toilet Situation’  We have ensured that there are ample toilet facilities around the site so you won’t need to urinate in hedgerows and waterways on Pete’s farmland. Urine-free land and waterways means that Pete’s farm will not be polluted and wildlife and marine-life will be safe from toxins.

Also this year you can get clean the green way! Our campsite showers will be eco-friendly: they limit unnecessary water usage and are cleaned using non-toxic chemicals. 

Powering Boardmasters  Boardmasters uses generators to power the festival.  We are working hard to reduce the amount of fuel we use for these generators and we aim to reduce the use of fossil fuelled generators by 50% by 2025 (based on 2015’s results).

Fistral Beach  Please don’t litter the beaches, it ruins the surf, pollutes the water and harms the wildlife.  It’s very important that you put your rubbish in the correct bins and use butt bins for your cigarettes.

Carbon Footprint Targets  We aim to reduce our overall carbon emissions by 10% this year and we are grateful for any help you can give to ensure we meet this target.  The ways you can help are:

  • Make sure you don’t throw rubbish and cigarette butts on the ground/beach
  • Use the toilets, not the hedgerows!
  • Put your rubbish in the correct bin
  • Share a ride or use public transport to get to the festival
  • Keep your camping area clean and rubbish-free
  • Use a refillable bottle for water from our water-points
  • Look after your tent then take it home after the festival

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