Local Residents Info

Please note this local traffic information is from 2016. Information for 2017 will be announced soon

•   Bear in mind that Watergate Road will be busy during our main arrival times of Wednesday 10 August (4-8pm), Thursday 11 August (4-8pm) and Friday 12 August (9am–2pm) plus departure on Monday 15 August (9am–3pm).
•   For all local concerns/queries during the event, please call the the Watergate Bay or Fistral Beach Production Office (contact us)

•   Road Closure on B3276 Watergate Road: In order to ensure the safety of our audience moving between the festival arena and campsites it is necessary to close the B3276 for a period each night of Friday 12 – Sunday 14 August 2016. 18:00 – 03:00 are the maximum closure times. We always try to close the road for the minimum time possible, it depends on how busy the site is and what the volume of pedestrians using the crossing points between the arena and campsites is.
•   From Porth: Access to properties is unaffected up to the Sands Resort. The full closure begins from the festival blue (day) car park just beyond the Sands Resort. This car park is for festival day ticket holders but also has a drop off / pick up area and taxi rank.
•   From Watergate Bay: All of Watergate Bay is accessible. Full closure point is from the festival yellow (weekend) car park up the hill from Watergate Bay. Only traffic for this car park or drop off / pick up will be able to proceed beyond Watergate Bay. Please note that the regular bus service number 556 will be unaffected and will be able to pass through the closure at all times. A diversion is in place to bypass the closed section, this will be clearly signed.
•   Road Closure on Headland Road including Fistral Beach Car Park. Headland road and the Fistral Beach car park is closed from 08:00 to 20:00 on each day Monday 8 August to Monday 15 August due to the events at Fistral Beach. Vehicle access is possible at all times for residents and businesses along the road, hotel guests and users of the Headland Road car park.  



Complimentary Local Resident Tickets

We offer complimentary tickets to local residents affected by traffic caused by Boardmasters Festival. Applications will only be considered for those living within the boundary lines (below).


► Closing date for applications: Friday 7 July 2017 
► Ticket type: 3-Day-Non-Camping (max two per household)
► Evidence to provide: Proof of address (such as a utility bill) that is valid in the last three months.  Vision Nine will not use your information for 3rd party use.
► Charitable donation: All residents ticket holders are subject to pay a charitable donation in order to activate their ticket

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