Location & Directions


•   For the music arena, campsites, car parking, taxi drop off and coach drop off
•   Main Arena - Trebelsue Farm Watergate Bay, Newquay, TR8 4AN 
•   Day Parking (blue) - Cornwall, TR8 4AN (use this for taxi drop-off)
•   Weekend Parking (green) - Cornwall, ​TR8 4HR (use this for taxi drop-off)


•   For the beach, surfing competitions, skate/bmx, Beach Sessions and surf village
•   Fistral Beach, Headland Rd, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 3SW



Big Green Coach is the official and exclusive coach partner to Boardmasters. Picking up from 23 locations straight to the heart of Boardmasters. Prices start from only £34 return. Get more info and book here



•   The closet train station is NEWQUAY - a ten minute drive to the main arena. www.thetrainline.com
•   A shuttle bus service runs from just outside the station – if heading to Watergate Bay board the bus outside the Great Western Hotel, for Fistral outside Burger King.
•   Newquay station has fast direct services from London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland.
•   The companies running services are Virgin, Great Western, Wales and West Trains.



We provide car parking for all guests who wish to drive to Boardmasters at Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay - however as you can imagine this isn't the greenest option... Please consider car sharing or public transport before coming by car. Cars and motorbikes require a parking pass, purchased separately (except VIP ticket holders). Campervans require a campervan campsite pass, purchased separately. Parking around Fistral Beach and town is very limited so we advise you to use the Shuttle bus from Watergate Bay. When arriving by car, look out for road signage to the green or blue carpark. 

Wherever possible we aim to reduce any impact that may occur to local resident and the surrounding environment. Traffic in the surrounding area of Watergate and Newquay is a real issue and Boardmasters always works closely with local residents and authorities to tackle this.   Where possible we want to encourage everyone to use the busses that run from the Festival site at Watergate to Newquay as opposed to using their cars. If you leave the carpark during the festival there will be a £10 cash re-entry fee (we cannot accept card payments at the entrance). We hope you can support us in our mission to continue to run a suitable event.

•   Requires purchase of separate pass
•   We have quite specific rules on what type of vehicles we allow in the campervan field, please check these before booking
•   More information here

•   Weekend Parking £18 // Day Parking £10
•   £10 fee for re-entry (or shuttle bus service available)

•   Day Ticket Holders - Blue Car Park - Cornwall, TR8 4AN
•   Weekend Ticket Holders - Green Car Park - Cornwall, ​TR8 4HR
•   VIP Weekend Ticket Holders - Green Car Park - Cornwall, ​TR8 4HR

•   From the North follow the A39 to St Columb Major then A3059 towards Newquay and follow the signs for green/blue parking
•   From the East or West follow A30 – A39 – A3059 and follow the signs for green parking
•   To find your way to Fistral Beach follow signs to Newquay Town Centre. Please be aware that parking is extremely limited around the Fistral Beach site. It is advisable to use the shuttle bus from Watergate Bay

► Road Closures



Newquay Airport have flights coming into the city daily. See flight details and schedules here: www.newquaycornwallairport.com



Where possible, we encourage customers to use the shuttle bus route that is provided between the Festival site at Watergate Bay and Newquay, and to not drive. The bus is much quicker than driving because it can pass along the closed road, if you drive you have to go the long way round and traffic is a real issue. In addition, it’s almost impossible to park in Newquay in the Summer months and the bus removes this issue for you.

A shuttle bus will run between the Watergate Bay Festival Site and Newquay Town Centre (for Fistral Beach) between 07:00 and 04.30 each day. Single ticket: £4.00  Return ticket: £6.00. A reduced service will run on Monday morning back to Newquay for all leaving the campsite between 07:00 - 16:00

Route: Watergate Bay Festival Site > Cliff Road (near Aldi, Newquay Rail Station) > Manor Road Bus Station (10 min walk to Fistral Beach)
Return Route: Manor Road Bus Station (for Fistral Beach) > Cliff Road (near Aldi, Newquay Rail Station) > Watergate Bay Festival Site

  ✔ Wednesday 9 August 2017  07:00 - 04.30 (next day)
  ✔ Thursday 10 August 2017  07:00 - 04.30 (next day)
  ✔ Friday 11 August 2017  07:00 - 04.30 (next day)
  ✔ Saturday 12 August 2017  07:00 - 04.30 (next day)
  ✔ Sunday 13 August 2017  07:00 - 04.30 (next day)
  ✔ Monday 14 August 2017  07:00 - 16:00

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