Camplight Pre-Pitched Tents

Stay with Camplight in our bid to reduce campsite waste. Pre-pitched tents start at as little as £10 per night and when you arrive a tent will be pre-erected in a great location leaving meaning you will be able to Travellight. Plus, when it’s all over no pressure to pack down and take it all home, just leave all the camp equipment behind with the peace of mind that it will not go to waste.


Many of the tents are different shapes and colours so not every 1 man 2 man 4 man is the same. This is characteristic of the fact that all our tents are saved after being left at previous events by festival goers who don’t want to carry all their stuff home after a three day Party. Please understand that tents are matched to orders at random and are always equal to or above specification. What this means is there is a small possibility that your tent may not be as fantastic as your neighbours.


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