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Wednesday, 17th April 2013

We are embracing home grown surf talent more than ever before.

For the first time since 1981, Boardmasters is stepping away from its conventional surf competition format for to bring you fresh exciting new competitions.

Competition formats this year will include: 

  • Men’s Open
  • Women’s Open
  • Davidoff Cool Water Men’s Longboard Pro 
  • Pro Junior (Under 20’s)
  • Under 16’s mixed
  • Air Show

Andrew Topham, director of the festival, made the following statement. ‘Although we have a long standing and amicable relationship with ASP, we felt we weren’t representing the UK market comprehensively enough when it came to the actual event itself. We have welcomed the cream of the worlds surfing community over the years but now want to open the doors to the local community and home grown talent. We intend to introduce an eclectic range of competitive categories that everyone from pro riders to groms can be part of providing less of a showcase spectacle and instead supplying an excellent platform for an ever evolving UK market... ’ 

Surf Contest Director Dave Reed added... ‘In addition to all the other activity taking place at the biggest surf event in the UK, this years Boardmasters will provide an opportunity to highlight the best surfers that compete on the UK Pro Surf Tour, in the Open, Women’s, Longboard, and Junior divisions. It will be exciting to see the best of the Brit’s go up against top International surf stars. In addition the return of a Women’s event will help push the development of the sport...’




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