Men’s Open presented by Carve

Men’s Open presented by Carve - international pros get into the thick of the action, ripping massive lines, taming unforgiving lips and throwing crowd pleasing airs left and right. With the right conditions, the Men's Open competition rivals the best in the world!

Here is the list of all riders confirmed so far for the Boardmasters 2015 Men's Open presented by Carve.

Aiden Wright - UK

Alan Stokes - UK

Alex Baudin - SPA

Alex Hall - AUS

Alex Piper - UK

Andrew Griffin - UK

Angus Scotney - UK

Ben Bennett - UK

Brett Edwards - AUS

Bruce Collingwood - SA

Cam Wickins - UK

Dale Foster - UK

Daniel Jeffrey - UK

Ed Smith - UK

Edouard Delpro - FRA

Gearoid McDaid - IRE

George Hudson - UK

George Pickering - UK

Gordon Fontaine - FRA

Jack Nicholson - UK

Jacob Layson - BAB

Jak Smith - UK

Jayce Robinson - UK

Jimmy Pearson - UK

Jobe Harriss - UK

Jock Barnes - AUS

Johnny Fryer - UK

Jordan Dean - UK

Joseph Sandercock - UK

Joshua Braddock - SPA

Joss Ash - UK

Joss Brooks - UK

Lee Bartlett - UK

Leigh Pope - UK

Lewis Clinton - UK

Lewis Leadbetter - UK

Lloyd Nelms - UK

Luke Dillon - UK

Luke Embleton - SA

Marcus Iascelles - UK

Mark Boyd - UK

Mark Harris - UK

Michael Zaugg - USA

Mike Young - SA

Miles Lee-Hargreaves - UK

Reubyn Ash - UK

Russell Winter - UK

Sam Coed - UK

Sam Harwood - UK

Sam Lamiroy - BEL

Sam Scobble - UK

Sean Peggs - NZ

Shaun Hague - SA

Simon Shields - UK

Solly Young - UK

Swen Zaugg - SWI

Taz Knight - AUS

Timothy Latte - SWE

Tobias Donachie - UK

Tom Butler - UK

Tom Lowe - UK

Will Davey - UK

2014 Results

The final day of the Boardmasters surf competition down at Fistral Beach was truly an international affair today. Thanks to a Supermoon that lit up the skies over Britain, the tide reached a high of 7.3 ft, which brought with it big and challenging conditions. Perfect for a day of thrilling surf competition.

“Today started with super tough conditions on the low tide with the surfers way out, we needed every pair of eyes from the judges tent to identify every surfer in the line-up.” said commentator Nick Williams “Nevertheless we got through three divisions, the Davidoff Cool Water Longboard Pro, Sungod Womens Open and the Mens Open. Ultimately with the tide filling in during the day, conditions were a little bit more predictable and we once again saw a fully packed beach with capacity crowds. Despite one shower that came in of the ocean, today went pretty flawlessly.

“The Men’s Open was awesome! The stage was set for something untouchable in terms of an all international affair as we watched both goofy footed Aussies, Jock Barnes and Noah Lane compete. We had Alan Stokes cheered as he came out the water from the home crowd taking 2nd place and former champion Romain Cloitre take 4th place. Jock Barnes was flawless throughout the event with super strong and super solid runs to take the win.”

Boardmasters Fesitval 2015 2014 Surf Competition Mens Open Jock Barnes Alan Stokes Noah Lane Romain Cloitre Winners Finalists
Boardmasters Festival 2015 2014 Surf Competition Winners Jock Barnes Wave

Boardmasters Festival 2015 2014 Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve and SurfGirl are stoked to have ‘presented by’ status at Britain’s most prestigious surfing competition, Boardmasters. The long relationship goes back to the early days of the first professional World Tour event comp in which Carve’s publisher Steve England competed. Over the years the crew have not missed an event taking full advantage of the opportunity to watch the world’s best, cover the event and watch British surfers like Russell Winter and Ben Skinner take home titles.

‘It’s an honour to support the Boardmasters event,’ said Steve England of Carve, ‘As a grom I saved up my entry fee, competed and then stood on the beach all day watching the pros and trying to learn from them. Over the following years I have seen dramatic heats, amazing surfing, and emotional wins with Russ Winter was carried shoulder high up the beach, and Skindog dominating last years long boarding was sensational. It is the pinnacle of the year for the British surfing calendar and you can’t underestimate the importance of the event for Newquay and Cornwall in terms of visitor numbers. As journalists we love seeing the surfers coming from around the world,’ continued Steve, ‘But of course the icing on the cake would be British or Irish victories across the divisions. We wish all the competitors luck, and hope the remarkable run of surf we’ve been having lately continues for Boardmasters.’

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