WSL Men’s Longboard

Boardmasters Festival 2015 2014 WSL World Surf League It's On!

We'll be welcoming even more global pro-surfers than ever before as we host the World Surf League (WSL) Longboard Qualification Series.

Held across five days, this year’s Boardmasters International Surf Competition categories will include the newly added WSL LQS1000 Mens and Womens Longboard comps, 

All eyes will be on local legend, Ben Skinner who is sure to return this year to defend his title. Most popular with the crowd for showcasing surfers agility, buttery smooth style and laid-back nose-riding from the finest longboarders around the world; always a favourite at Boardmasters.

Commenting on Boardmasters hosting two World Surf League Longboard events, Tour Manger Rob Gunning said, "For the WSL it is a great pleasure to be returning to the Boardmasters with two longboard events which will showcase both local and international riders as they do battle at Fistral beach. The Boardmasters Longboard Pro will kick off a 3 event leg of LQS events this season and will count towards final year’s rankings for qualification into the elite World Longboard Championship. The British contingent lead by local rider Ben Skinner will have the opportunity to compete on home soil which is a huge advantage and a great support from the Boardmasters crowd."

Here is the list of all riders confirmed so far for the Boardmasters 2015 WSL Men's Longboard comp.

Antoine Delpro - FRA

Aurelien Meynieux - FRA

Ben Haworth - UK

Brad Kemp - UK

Charles Dorange - FRA

Conor Griffiths - UK

Edouard Delpro - FRA

Edward Wilson - UK

Jack Unsworth - UK

Joe Hornbuckle - UK

Raife Gaskell - UK

Stephen Hudson - UK

Steven Davis - UK

Zak Lawton - UK

2014 Results

The final day of the Boardmasters surf competition down at Fistral Beach was truly an international affair today. Thanks to a Supermoon that lit up the skies over Britain, the tide reached a high of 7.3 ft, which brought with it big and challenging conditions. Perfect for a day of thrilling surf competition.

“Today started with super tough conditions on the low tide with the surfers way out, we needed every pair of eyes from the judges tent to identify every surfer in the line-up.” said commentator Nick Williams “Nevertheless we got through three divisions, the Davidoff Cool Water Longboard Pro, Sungod Womens Open and the Mens Open. Ultimately with the tide filling in during the day, conditions were a little bit more predictable and we once again saw a fully packed beach with capacity crowds. Despite one shower that came in of the ocean, today went pretty flawlessly.

“First to our Longboard Pro division where European champ Ben Skinner schooled all other competitors with an incredible aerial right in the short breaks and some extreme tight radical carves. It was amazing to see and I think everyone was blown away with the crowd roaring and clapping."

Boardmasters Festival 2015 2014 Davidoff Cool Water Mens Longboard Final Results Finalists Ben Skinner Adam Griffiths Sam Bleakley Sam Lamiroy
Boardmasters Festival 2015 2014 Davidoff Cool Water Mens Longboard Final Results Finalists Ben Skinner Adam Griffiths Sam Bleakley Sam Lamiroy

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