BMXing has been a massive part of the Boardmasters experience for years and with such a strong contingent of BMX talent in the South West, the turnout is always top-class. During the day the BMX athletes battle it out on our purpose built park to a backdrop of crashing waves and sun-drenched applause. It's free to wander through the Skate and BMX area, but be warned - the crowds pack out when the finals kick off!

There's no need to purchase a ticket to watch any of the BMX or skate events, so head down to Fistral Beach in your own time and take in the athletic displays.

Those familiar with the event will remember last year’s incredible set up and we're excited to say Boardmasters will be providing the mini setup again, including the public open sessions and public jam competitions. Public BMX and Skate Sessions will be taking place on the Wednesday and Thursday. Please remember to bring your helmet or you won’t get on the ramp. 


Applications are now full for the PRO comps but AM/OPEN comps are free to turn up on the days. 

Check out the Sports schedule for more info


With the some incredible international riders, the Boardmasters Pro BMX competitions are definitely a showstopper. Get down to the Canna Midi ramp to watch the some of the world's best BMXers competing against each other for their portion of over £4000.

Here is the list of all riders confirmed so far for the Boardmasters 2015 BMX Pro competitions:

Alex Coleborn - GBR
Angus Gough - GBR
Anthony McGuirk - GBR
Ben Keegan - GBR
Billy Reeves - GBR
Brock Horneman - AUS
Cam Peake - GBR
Chris Nicol - AUS
Dave Pepperell - GBR
Gaz Wilson - GBR
Jamie Eastwood - GBR
Joe Embrey - GBR
Joe Roofe - GBR
Jordan Cutts - GBR
Josh Webber - GBR
Kane Hanlan - GBR
Karl Walker  - GBR
Leon Williams - GBR
Mark Webb - GBR
Martyn John Cooper - GBR
Mat Armstrong - GBR
Matt Sheppard  - GBR
Mike Hughes - GBR
Ryan Elcock - GBR
Thomas Egan - GBR
Tom Justice - GBR


This year the leading brand in plant nutrients CANNA, will be bringing a brand new Midi Ramp to Boardmasters.

The CANNA Midi Ramp will send our skaters and bmx’ers as high as possible. The ramp offers 48ft of transition with a 5ft section, a 5.5ft section, a wicked gap and new 8ft section that will be throwing our home grown talent straight up into the air performing all kinds of trickery madness.

2014 Results

Congratulations to Boardmasters 2014 PRO BMX winner Mark Webb. 

Congratulations to all our BMX Pro Comp Competitors!

1st - Mark Webb
2nd - Declan Brookes
3rd - Tom Justice
4th - Jack Watts
5th - Jack Clark
6th - Cam Peake
7th - Luke Padgett
8th - Ollie Palmer
9th - Phil Aller
10th - Gaz Wilson
11th - Martyn Cooper
12th - Tom Isted
13th - Josh Crosswell
14th - Chris Czako
15th - Brock Horneman

Boardmasters Festival 2015 BMX Vert Ramp Bike Air
Boardmasters Festival 2015 BMX Vert Ramp Air

Free ride