Skateboarding is the son of surfing and since the Dog Town era, skating and surfing have always gone hand in hand. Skateboarding has introduced a whole new generation of concrete surfers to the fun and excitement of concrete waves. Naturally, the skate competition held at Fistral Beach has been a very popular event and a serious crowd pleaser. The skateboarders absolutely shred the mini ramp and have been pushing their airs, grabs and grinds faster, longer and higher every year.

Whether you’re a skate newbie, a budding skate grom, an old school ripper or just a bonafide skate fan, the Fistral Beach skate competition is the place for you. 

2014 Results

Congratulations to Joe Howard!

1st Joe Howard
2nd Jed Cullen
3rd Jake Anderson
4th Jak Tonge
5th Jordan Thackeray

Penny Best Trick Winner: Jed Cullen

Boardmasters Festival 2015 Skate Vert Ramp Skater Skateboard
Boardmasters Festival 2015 Skate Vert Skateboard Beach Fistral

Skating has always been popular in Cornwall, check out rare footage below from 1977 at Watergate Bay Bowl with surfer/skater Nigel Semmens and Steve Daniel. 

Shot by Neil Watson in 1977

Free ride