Health & Wellbeing

Expanding on the offering of last year, we're taking health and wellbeing even further in 2017. Looking after your body can help to keep you physically and mentally well. Making small, gradual changes can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. At Boardmasters we offer a number of services/classes/sessions to help you unwind, relax and get back in touch with your zen! Much more information to come, but here's a little taste of what's on offer.

Boardmasters new wellbeing area is the perfect sanctuary to renew, refresh and revitalise through the festival weekend. The Yoga Studio is programmed with awesome classes every day, from restorative yoga to pilates, to disco yoga and acrobalance. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner you’ll find the workshop for you get you relaxed, stretched, energised and healthy. Come and try out mindfulness and meditation at one of our mini-retreats or tune in to your manifesting powers to create the life of your dreams in our manifesting hour. If you want to relax further, get yourself a massage or alternative therapy in our Boardmasters Spa, followed by a luxury hot tub and sauna.  This is heaven in a field!

Opening Ceremony

We start on Wednesday at 18:00 with an opening ceremony led by Roxy Ambassador Natalie Fox. Come and bless the space with us before glittering up and getting ready to party in our first glitter yoga class.

Blue Mind Space

Get your Blue Mind On… Come and learn about "Littoral Living” and why the water makes us feel good in our Blue Mind Space. Here you’ll learn how to embrace a more fluid existence, how to cruise in flow and let go of fixed realities.  With the founder of GoingCoastalBlue, Lizzi Larbalestier, you will connect with awe and gratitude two of the most powerful qualities for promoting pro-social pro-environmental behaviour.  Lizzie and the Blue Crew will share with you some of the art, science (and techniques) that can enable us to "Live a Deep Blue Life” and to invite you to join the conversation to help protect what we love!  Come and say hi.

Blue Mind Zone Activities will include:
•  Blue Haiku Challenge - your chance to win Blue Mind prizes
•  100 Days of Blue VoxPop - Contribute your Seven Ages and Water Stories to the next chapter!
•  Sharing an attitude of gratitude - Join the Blue Marbles Tribe
•  Blue Wave Art - Collective art colouring activity to celebrate 100 Days of Blue 
•  Go Deeper Into The Blue - Take a VR journey into the Deep with the Click Effect
•  Littoral Wisdom - Edges and continuums - the tidal qualities of your life - Discovering - what is liquid ontology
•  Embodied Blue Cognition - Slowing down to connect with your nervous system through the breath and water within you - mBraining your distributed Blue Mind
•  Learn Blue - Discussions on the latest neuroscience of Blue Space - sharing insights / research from the Blue Mind Summit Alumni - Float, Play, Breath, FreeDiving, Awe etc...
•  Breath Blue - Discover how your breath and Heart Rhythms and Resonance can alter when you take yourself to Blue Space
•  Blue Planet - Find out about some local / global charities and movements that you can support… exploring and creating a Global Blue Community
•  Blue Flow - Yoga practice with a Blue Mind theme

Quantum YogaTM

Quantum YogaTM with Natalie Fox, Roxy Ambassador, is about attuning to elemental energies present within us all, using yoga as a prescriptive tool for well-being and harnessing the unique power of Prana. Ayurveda, the Indian “science of life” pronounces all individuals to be a make up of 3 body-mind constitutions or “doshas”. We can be one prevailing dosha, a variation of two or even tri-doshic, and our dosha make-up can change over time, depending on our internal experiences, health, age and external environment. If we let our energy flow in our bodies natural rhythm we may find we feel happier,healthier and more vibrant - this is ancient wisdom, yet so relevant in our modern age. Stabilize to Energise


SOUL&SURF presents a Vinyasa Flow class to strengthen and restore your festival or ocean-weary bodies, bringing a little soul all the way from Kerala and Sri Lanka to Cornwall. Join Jessamin & Rachel in our creative and mindfully sequenced classes, weaving together deep, alignment-focused asana and pranayama with seriously soulful sounds and heavenly scents, leaving you grounded and uplifted in equal measure.

SOUL&SURF set up shop in 2010 to offer an alternative to the pile ‘em high sell ‘em cheap surf camps. We chose original locations in Kerala and Sri Lanka, we set our standards high and we offer so much more than just surf. Our yoga, pranayama, meditation, massage, café and music programs are not just hastily bolted on to tick the marketing boxes, they are the Soul of Soul & Surf. And we work hard to present this all in a very down to earth way so it seems like we don’t work too hard. The result is just a bunch of feel-good people people who like some Soul with their Surf, or some Surf with their Soul.

Kalie Jade

Kalie is a passionate psychic medium, healing practitioner and workshop facilitator. She offers a range of therapies such as Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing as well as one-to-one private psychic readings, animal healing and communication

Free spirit - Want to discover your inner hippie? Why not connect with your tribe and raise your vibration! Come along to expand your mind and discover some basic spiritual techniques such as working with energy and colour therapy.  
Manifest your life - Believe it or not we are in control of our own destiny. So if you’re tired of feeling frustrated, perhaps it’s time to take back control? Come and discover how to use your thoughts to change your life path by focusing on positivity and gratitude.
Relax and release - Are you interested in meditation but struggle to quieten the mind? The beauty of drumming is that sound allows you to drown out your internal monologue. So join Kalie for a relaxing sound journey and allow yourself to switch off to the beat of the Native American drum. 

Katie Silver

Katie is a London-based 200hr Yoga and 60hr Tapasya Hot Yoga teacher. A fitness enthusiast, foodie and full-time adventure bunny!

Coming from a dance and fitness background, Katie’s style encompasses a creative approach to the movements and spirit of yoga for the modern yogi. Her classes are a dynamic vinyasa flow balancing flexibility and strength by incorporating bodyweight fitness exercises into a classic yoga practice.  Designed for yogi’s looking to be strong, stretchy and empowered. Alongside a strong asana practice, Katie also encourages her students to practice with mindfulness by challenging focus, conscious effort and presence on the mat.

Off the yoga mat, Katie is a big foodie and has a passion for travel. She is most happy with sand between her toes and wind in her hair!

Yoga Fit Flow - A modern take on the movement and spirit of yoga, Yoga Fit combines classic yoga poses with body-weight fitness exercises that help strengthen and stretch the body and mind. For yogi’s that want to be flexible, toned and empowered. 
Yin/Yang - Where Yang - a dynamic vinyasa flow focusing on active energy and the external body, meets Yin - the passive state and deep surrender of the body. A practice that begins with a warming flow and ends with peaceful exploration. #
Rest and Restorative - A gentle practice, where time is given for you to explore and listen to your body. Using props and deep breath awareness we can find that sweet spot of active relaxation to rest and restore both body and mind. 


Mini Mindfulness retreat. Hands up who rarely takes time for themselves? or has a busy mind always chasing the next best thing, feels the stress of a pressured life or societies expectation. This is a unique opportunity to pause for a few hours during the festival to take stock, reconnect and learn some simply tools to take back to real life. 

If a moment of nourishment, clarity and grounding during the weekend to learn simple tools to take back into your life sounds good, this mini retreat is for you!

The retreat includes a non-judgemental introduction to mindfulness and meditation, a facilitated self care session and time to simply relax and just be. 


Breath Focused De-Armouring  (BfDA) with Mark Kenison

BfDA is body work and breath work combined with energy healing and 'guided breath focusing' on areas of dis-harmony or dis-ease within the body or mind. Using the deep diaphragmatic breathing method of the Secret of the Golden Flower to bring deep peace and total calm to the parts of you registering stress or tension. Be the watcher and the healer of your own body in full presence, with your own breath and a steadied flame of the fire within. 

Gong Bath

Olivier Maxted and Megan Selby will weave ancestral vocals, tribal didjeridoo and heartbeat drum to take you on a Sound Journey like no other. Insights and realisations will come as you lie back and allow the energy to flow through you.

Prepare for deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of your inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Physical injuries can be healed and old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive. Once you’ve had your first Sound Bath you’ll want more.

A Sound Bath is an experience which is particular to each person. Instruments are played such as the didgeridoo, harmonium, heartbeat  drum and Tibetan singing bowls. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. Some people experience emotional healing, others great insights into their lives.


Dancing Freedom Ecstatic Dance Class

"In these Dancing Freedom/Ecstatic Dance sessions there are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong, just an opportunity to experience moving in your body freely without drugs or alcohol.  With a background in yoga and dance, Sophie's 8 year teaching experience will make this session familiar to those of you that practice yoga or meditation, it can be used as a form of meditation practice in daily life, as a way to listen to the innate body's wisdom when it moves in awareness/mindfulness.   Altogether this is is a really lovely way to release stress, to get fit, and to celebrate being alive in your body!  Expect delightful music to inspire the senses and help you move! 

Holistic Massage Therapy 

Mark Treais is a very experienced practitioner with strong, clear and gentle energy available to treat aches, pains, muscle tension, joint pain, stress, injury, and help with postural imbalance and core strengthening. Working in Torquay in his clinic until now having worked with local amateur and professional sports clubs and working with professional dancers from the West End and at the Royal Ballet in London and people from all walks of life.

Recently taken a level three counselling course, Mark brings an extensive knowledge of the body a wide ranging experience and a passion for helping his clients; using specialist techniques combined to provide the massage that is most appropriate for you.
Whether you're knackered from dancing, surfing or need to truly and deeply relax and rejuvenate ...  welcome.

Reflexology and Chakra Balancing

Lisa Allen will be offering 20 minute chakra balancing reflexology treatments including Reiki or a full balancing and rejuvenating treatment lasting 1 hour. Reflexology is the perfect treatment for rebalancing the body and helping to clear any energetic blockages.

Lisa I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner who lives and qualified in Cornwall. I try whenever possible to live a holistic lifestyle which includes daily meditations, this helps to keep my connection to source high and my feet grounded! Reflexology is a healing art of ancient origin, an alternative therapy that involves the application of pressure to targeted areas of the feet. Living and practicing in Cornwall has given my treatments a unique and special instinctive awareness brought on by the close proximity of the sea and the unique vibe and energy she brings. Through my knowledge of pressure points in the feet and my connection to source energy I offer treatments which help to clear energetic blockages within the body whilst assisting your bodies own healing system in healing itself. At Boardmasters 2017 I will be offering two types of treatments, a 20 minute chakra balancing reflexology reiki infused session or a full balancing and rejuvenating reflexology-reiki treatment lasting 1 hour. Enjoy your journey to inner peace.

Poems Worth Their Salt; Tears, Time and Tide. 

Local Poet Aly O’Neill invites you to join her on a poetic Journey.  Sharing her experience of the cathartic and healing art of poetry. Poetry so significant to her own her Journey; enabling her becoming published by WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, a debut collection in June.  Aly intends to help you find your creative self, using a variety of mediums utilising the Cornish countryside and folklore that surrounds this mystical place. The first day will focus on a collaborative piece of poetry where everyone writes a line crafting a master piece. The second day focuses on the brevity yet depth of the haiku, third day focusing on prose looking at a wide variety of influences and finally the dramatic release of spoken word poetry… poetry so alive it cannot live on a page.  Aly has performed at a number of festivals already this summer and is delighted to meet you at Boardmasters 2017. Please come along and join in the fun. 

Free ride